Garden Designers

The show draws more than 15,000 attendees annually. You’ll experience a world-class collection of antiques from more than 150 dealers. Experience expertly landscaped gardens and opportunities to engage with some of the nation’s leading voices in the design, antique and horticultural sphere.

Cheekwood Entry Garden

Created by Cheekwood, LONGSHADOW® Planters, Nashville Landscape Systems, Siteworks, and 3 Fromme Design

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East Garden

Created by Nature's Best

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West Garden

Created by Josiah Lockard and Hartley Botanic Greenhouses

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Pop Up Garden

Created by landscape architect Todd Breyer & Flower Mart with Herndon & Merry, Inc.

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Featured Wallcovering Artist

Charlotte Terrell, with urns by LONGSHADOW® Planters

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Show Entrance

Created by Vintage Millworks, with botanical styling by Electric Flora, pots by LONGSHADOW® Planters.

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