Estate Entrance Piers

Created by Vintage Millworks

James E. Dunn


In 1987, James founded Vintage Millworks, Inc.; focusing this organization and team of craftsmen on design and fabrication of custom architectural millwork. Primary objectives were, and continue to be utilizing appropriate materials, techniques, application, proportion, and design. Inspired by early childhood experiences on his Grandparents farm in rural Michigan, his youthful vision of sustainable living would incorporate reclaimed old growth lumber from salvaged barns and house parts into new classical architectural millwork, cabinetry, and furniture. As a craftsman, formally trained in crafting fine furniture, cabinetmaking and boatbuilding, James settled in middle Tennessee in 1975 to pursue his passion of becoming a self-supporting artisan. The love of classical architecture, beautiful landscapes, garden design and their effects on the human condition continue to inspire and guide his principles and his life’s work.

James E. Dunn's Work

Electric Flora

Electric Flora is the fresh and new floral design company started by Nashville’s own Phillipe Chadwick and his partner Nick Maynard. Phillipe has been making brides bubble and party planners pleased for years as Nashville’s premier floral designer. Nick has a degree in marketing and a talent with logistics. This is a match made in event planning heaven. Phillipe has more resources to develop his craft, which has taken his designs to new levels. Nashville’s event scene can’t wait to have its flowers powered by Electric Flora.

Phillipe‘s flower designs are consistently show-stopping and vibrant, yet elegant and sentimental. His arrangements make any event meaningful and personal. He always gets people talking. He knows just the trick, because at his core, Phillipe is a catalog of knowledge about plants and flowers. His first love is gardening, and he has tended garden styles ranging from heirloom vegetable to Japanese.

Phillipe Spencer Chadwick was born and currently resides in Nashville. He received a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from Mississippi State University in 2006. He then started working as a Landscape Architect, managing civic designs for the city of Franklin, TN. But don’t judge a book by its cover. His extensive background in horticulture preempts his role as a floral designer. In 2009, Phillipe joined the ranks of Cheekwood Botanical Garden and Museum of Art as a horticulturalist, and catapulted them to a new level of hip. He stressed keeping all designs provocative and cutting-edge but at the same time aesthetically pleasing. He breathed life into Cheekwood’s gardens, transforming them into lush scenes of texture and color. He adorned Cheekwood’s special events with fresh, bright flower arrangements.

As the creative force behind Electric Flora, Phillipe’s work speaks for itself and has established a strong reputation in Nashville for crafting memorable weddings flowers and impressive visual spectacles for events. His resume includes The Antiques and Garden Show, the TPAC gala, and Chukkers for Charity. Occasionally Phillipe hosts Volunteer Gardener on NPT.

He gives every client close, one-on-one time and attention to decide how their magical ideas can literally be transformed into reality. Phillipe’s professional attitude is the epitome of class and style. Likewise, his designs never fail to impress.


Classic Garden Ornaments, Ltd.®, manufactures LONGSHADOW® Planters & Garden Ornaments, with skilled teams of local artisans who take pride in designing, modeling, casting, finishing and shipping the finest garden ornaments and planters in the world. We are committed to elegance and long lasting, American value.

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